How To Get Your Basketball Season Off To A Good Start As A Coach

As a coach for youth basketball leagues, it is up to you to set the tone for the season for your basketball team. Before the season even starts, you need to be preparing for it by holding a parents' meeting and planning how you want your first practice to go. Hold a Parents' Meeting Before the season starts, you are going to want to hold a parents' meeting. In youth sports, parents are responsible for getting their children to and from practice.

Getting Girls Interested In STEM: What Can You Do?

While STEM appeals to millennials, there is a strong need to pass enthusiasm onto the young female demographic. Considering the fact that STEM-- in all its versatile manifestations, like product innovations, data analytics, e-commerce and wearables, among other areas-- is the future of all facets of life, it is imperative for girls to become digital natives. So, How Do You Get Girls Involved in STEM Start Early All facets of learning are interesting for girls until they enter the pre-puberty age (8-10) where their interest in STEM begins to wane.