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How To Keep Your Children Safe After School While You Are Still At Work

Are you a single parent? Perhaps you are married and both you and your spouse work outside of the home. If you have children, you have probably already made arrangements for them to be safely entertained during the summer school break. However, you may still be trying to come up with a plan for this school year that is quickly approaching. From keeping your child safe at home to arranging for after school programs for your preschoolers, here are some ideas that might help you to plan ahead.

At Home Safety

Do you have an older child that is responsible enough to be on his or on her own? Perhaps you have a mature child who can watch over his or her young siblings until you get home from work. If so, count yourself lucky and blessed! 

You'll still probably feel more at ease if there are certain things that happen while you are away from home. For example, you might want to designate a specific after-school snack so that the kids don't go wild raiding the pantry and the refrigerator. 

Think about having set activities for your children to do, too. For example, you might give the children permission to watch one appropriate show on television before they do their homework or before they have reading time.

Be sure to have contact information for trusted adults. Write down the names and phone numbers of people with whom your children will feel comfortable calling and put the list in strategic places. Be sure to talk to those individuals to tell them your children may be calling them in case of an emergency or other needs.

After School Programs

If you don't have an older child to watch over little ones, consider enrolling them in a program after school. 

Your children's school might have a program where your children can walk right from their classroom to the designated place for after school activities.

If your school doesn't have an after school program, look for a service that offers transportation from school to the after school location.

Your children will probably love the program so much that the time will fly by. They will more than likely do things like crafts, outdoor fun, and indoor games. There will probably even be a reading nook with wonderful children's books on the shelves.

Whether your children are at your home after school or whether they are in a formal after school program, make sure that they know at what time you'll be finished at work. For more information or advice, contact a school such as joyous montessori.