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3 Ways To Attract More Families To Your Child Care Center

If you are looking to expand the number of families that you serve in your child care center, here are three different steps you can take to reach out to more families in your area and expand your operations.

#1 Sign Up With Local Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies

Research and get the contact information for the child care resource and referral (CCR&Rs) agencies that are in your area. These agencies are designed to help parents find child care centers that are licensed and registered. CCR&Rs often help connect parents with resources that allow them to pay for child care services.

Get in contact with the local CCR&Rs in your area and ask to be added to their data base. Many have online data bases that provide their clients with information, including pictures and details of the services that you offer. This is a great way to use a local resource to market and attract new families for you.

#2 Strategically Post Flyers

Second, create fliers that advertise the services that your day care offers, the rates for child care, and contact information. Be strategic about where you post flyers. You want to post flyers in locations where families in need of childcare are most likely to see them. A few places that are generally good locations to place this type of flyers include:

  • Public Libraries
  • Public Schools
  • Pediatrician Offices
  • Local Community Colleges
  • Local Universities
  • Large Local Businesses

Make sure that you always ask permission before you hang up flyers. You may also want to see if any of these locations could distribute flyers for you. If a location is willing to distribute the flyers, such as a school or a pediatrician's office, make sure that you provide them with enough copies to do so. They shouldn't have to copy your flyer to share information with interested families.

#3 Distribute Business Cards

Not all settings are appropriate for flyers, which is why you should also have business cards created for your child care center. These business cards only need to contain the name of your child care center, address, phone number, website, and perhaps an email address. They don't need to contain detailed information about your program. Many doctors' offices may prefer to provide their patients with business cards instead of flyers. 

When showing prospective families your child care center, be sure to hand them a few business cards. Business cards are an easy way for people who liked your child care center to pass the information on to others. For more information, contact local professionals like The Cottage School.