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Childcare Center Vs. At-Home Childcare: Which One Should You Pick?

Did you recently have a child and are looking to return to work? If so, you may be considering your options for childcare while you are away from home. Two common options are to have your child go to a local childcare facility, or have a nanny come to your home for childcare. Here are some things to consider when selecting between these two options.

At-Home Childcare

Using a nanny for at-home childcare will be better in a few situations. If you're the type of parent that has specific expectations for your child's learning environment, at-home childcare will give you complete control over it. You will be responsible for screening the nanny that will be watching over your child, so it is important that you vet them by asking the right questions.

Inquire about the last job they worked, and why they left it. It is always a good idea to follow up by checking references, and seeing if stories line up with what you were told. Previous families can even tell you their personal experience, which can be much more insightful about anything you learn during an interview.

In addition, look for a nanny that has special training when it comes to children. This can include education in early childcare, and even being certified in CPR for children. While they hopefully never need to use their CPR skills, it can provide you with peace of mind knowing that they are aware of what to do in an emergency.

Childcare Center

Having a child cared for at home will cause them to miss out on learning, development, and social interaction that comes with being around other children. In addition, a childcare center will prepare a child for when they eventually start going to school, since a childcare center can be a very structured environment. When looking into childcare centers, you'll also want to ask some important questions.

While each state has their own regulations about the child to adult ratio required for supervision, ask the center what their personal limitations are. If they go beyond the state standards, your child will be getting more one-on-one time during the day. You'll also want to know what security protocols are in place at the childcare center. Doors should remain locked at all times, and only approved adults should be allowed to pick your child up at the end of the day.

Take some time touring different childcare facilities in your area, and you'll be sure to find one that will be a great fit for your family